There is No Pizza on Luna (lynxsteps) wrote,
There is No Pizza on Luna

Comic Book: First Five Issues

[note to self: add 1-2 subplots for each of these]
#1: Haruki gets a travel permit from Luna and gets stuck on Terra by a diplomatic incident. He tries to find a place to live and has his first run-in with the Plexicols and Terra's bizarre transmodern economy.

#2: Haruki consults with a suspiciously hierophant-like financial consultant who helps him navigate the arcane, unknowable rules of Plexicol finance. She recommends he try freelance work and refers him to Holotron, the Plexicol in charge of all entertainment and academic transactions.

#3: Haruki tries out for a role as a metagamer, finding the whole practice of deliberately induced recreational crises to be bizarre, frivolous and alien. He aces the tryout for unique reasons nobody yet perceives, and his manager lectures him with her theories about the social utility of the metagames.

#4: Haruki goes out on his first metagame mission, against a plague of zombies representing basic survival and life/death anxiety. (i.e. Maszlo level 1) This is a surreal experience for Haruki, because dead bodies on Luna are immediately and conscientiously memorialized and recycled...

#5: Haruki's second mission will be against a metavore that plays upon anxieties about air and breathing -- perhaps some sort of Don DeLillo-esque killer fog? Meanwhile, Haruki "wins" Alba as some sort of in-game reward, as something like the pets in Nethack...
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