There is No Pizza on Luna (lynxsteps) wrote,
There is No Pizza on Luna

Comic Book: Notes 2

The metavores (the semi-virtual enemies that Haruki fights) are able to create physical forms, as incarnate "roles" like Alba, but mostly they just exist as urban legends, pre-sentient algorithms that express themselves inside and through popular culture. They begin as pretty mundane -- just reflections of ordinary daily life and anxieties about survival and sex and food and families and money. As the series progresses and the end nears, though, they creep up Maszlo's Hierarchy and start basing themselves (they're written by pooled AI intelligence, not by conscious human choice, so they just seem to "emerge" from the data gathered -- highlight difference between a style of thought driven by desires, and one that was engineered from the start not to have survival needs) on more abstract fears and hopes like love, alienation, identity, sanity, spirituality. Ultimately, they'll get to be more and more like Doom Patrol villains, gifted with the ability to break down people's realities -- even in ways NOT explained by previously descriptions of how metavores work.

In one episode, Haruki somehow, in the process of destroying a metavore, gets himself written out of the collective consciousness. He becomes a purely concrete being with no abstract layer overlaying him, totally societally invisible -- and his physical environment has been so overwhelmed by "creeping surrealism" and abstraction that he has trouble getting basic living necessities, since almost all food and water requires interaction with some kind of system of symbols and social states. Nothing but the natural world works for him -- and he might be forced to flee to whatever natural environment remains on Terra. In the meantime, Alba is endangered by his "disappearance" and there's little he can do about it...

Remember, you can only write what you know. Heroic James-Bondian action sequences will probably always escape you, because you know nothing about guns and tactics and vehicles. Therefore, turn this into a strength and gear Haruki's adventures towards problems you do know how to solve, like interpersonal disputes, problems of language and symbolism, and political agitation. The script should read something like an action movie adaptation of Temporary Autonomous Zone, with a screenwriting credit for Patrick Farley.

Borrow something from Portal's replacement of biological viruses with genetic viruses. The major "health" threats in Haruki's world are memetic and psychological, even if they still have biological components. For example, there should be common species of parasites that use easily exploitable glitches in human behavior, like pleasure or the fight-flight reflex, to serve their own survival needs. Though they should be a naturally arising consequence of the 30th century environment somehow, the Holotron Plexicol should use "tame" ones as part of their technology for inducing mass altered states of consciousness.
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