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There is No Pizza on Luna

General notepad entry

Civil defense sphinxes.

Wandering the country after a technological apocalypse that destroys all the higher human affective capacities (love, empathy, aesthetics, joy, spirituality, altruism, neophilia, curiosity), in search of a single living companion.

A "brain hopper" module that constantly reminds people of spiritual things -- that artifically coaches those genetically consigned to being Semiotically Stupid in fluorescent thought and explosive symbolism, in a society where fluorescence is a basic survival trait.

Reverse haunted house story, about a radiant spirit that gets trapped in the sinister banality of an ordinary suburban home.

Pakula-esque paranoid political thriller set in an urban fantasy world with fae and shapeshifters

Psychological tension between only two lucid people in a roomful of people who have been rendered automatons through hypnosis, possession, or some such -- there is something tempting further in the room, and the one in power tells the visitor that they must also surrender their will to enter

If there is something fundamentally irrational or meaningless or eldritch in the universe, there is no guarantee that we are capable of perceiving it. There could be something horribly awry in the fabric of reality, and there is no guarantee whatsoever that we know about it. There could be a war between sense and nonsense at every level of existence, and our entire universe might just be a local consequence of a nonsense victory. Having no basis for comparison to what is "fair" or "sane" or "logical," we could be stuck in a system that guarantees meaninglessness and doom -- and what, if not that, is entropy? -- while there's another one right next door that's in perfect, fertile, ecstatic harmony. As a matter of fact, either could be transformed into the other if the perceptions of its inhabitants were sufficiently twisted or sufficiently limited. This, of course, means, that a twist in a mind is every bit as important as a twist in the fabric of time, of only so on a local level -- but what if BILLIONS of minds were twisted?

Give the "City Come a-Walkin'" treatment to corporations and government institutions. How would Microsoft behave if it were a single person, making decisions about small-scale daily life?

"exploding situation trees"

wire-frame Buddhas
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