There is No Pizza on Luna (lynxsteps) wrote,
There is No Pizza on Luna

Comic Notes: Themes

What happens when you're told to prepare for an event that resembles nothing you've ever experienced before? What if it resembles nothing anybody's ever experienced? How will you react? How will society at large react? What happens if your assumptions are totally different from theirs? Whose will win out, and why? If nobody has any more real information than anybody else, what do people's assumptions say about them?

Can a culture really die out? What would the warning signs of "old age" be? Will a culture inevitably spawn successors, or is it possible for culture to reach an entropic state long before the bodies and minds that inhabit it? What would an entropic culture look like? Could this be related somehow to Buddhist and Hindu concepts about "final ages" and religion as a look at the energy state of the universe? What if that entropy could be artificially accelerated or decelerated? What if it were to become profitable for somebody to do so? Will a devoted enough individualist even exploit meaning itself for personal gain?

Is it really true that a world without strife would be a world without advancement or meaning? Would a utopia inevitably degenerate into stagnation or boredom, without any monsters to slay? Is the awareness of pain really necessary in order to recognize pleasure? Do empathy and bliss have positive social functions? What happens when you take paradigms of cooperation and competition to extremes?

How clear is the line between reality and fantasy? To what extent is each shaped by society and authority, and to what extent are they chosen by the individual? Can these extents be changed? If so, is there any way to deliberately increase or decrease the role of society in creating people's minds and defining their choices? What are the consequences of either extreme?
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