There is No Pizza on Luna (lynxsteps) wrote,
There is No Pizza on Luna

Comic Notes: Characters

Haruki Blue-452: (Bonus points to anybody who gets the 80's pop music reference there. :) )
Sexy Thomas Dolby-lookin' nerdboy with wire-frame glasses, plastic neo-Mod clothing, and a hypnoray. An anti-noir detective, idealistic and sensitive, more Tom Baker or Ragged Robin than Humphrey Bogart. Smug, slightly spoiled, hedonistic, but with a sense he's better than his surroundings, and a moral code to match. Embodiment of fluorescent strengths and weaknesses: ingenious, caring, non-conformist, naive, distractable, temperamental. Should have at least one virtue or personality trait only expressive in native Lunarian language. Very introverted. Meticulous, nearly prissy. Utter pacifist towards real people. Quietly prides self on always using minimal necessary force.

Alba Green-316:
Haruki's ward and eventual lover, a hyperreal day-glo bunnygirl adopted from a dying metavore in a scientist's role. Posterbunny for respectful, loving owner-pet relationships. (Haruki should be uncomfortable with "owning" another sentient being, but be socially obliged to it.) Sheltered, relentlessly inquisitive and determined to catch up with the real world. Foil to Haruki's smug moral certitude -- asks a lot of uncomfortable questions. Mechanically inclined, perhaps a genius. Trickster archetype, gradually developing a wry, wicked sense of humor. Extremely low pain threshold, because she's never been exposed to it before. Fearless, for same reason. Odd gaps in her cultural knowledge. No understanding of prescriptive morality, poor understanding of consequences. A little geeky, left-brained, practical, literal-minded. Odd hyperreal abilities.
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