There is No Pizza on Luna (lynxsteps) wrote,
There is No Pizza on Luna

Comic Notes: Premise

Haruki is a bishounen kitty-boy media star. He comes from a lunar colony governed by prudent social democracy, and only came to Earth to gloat in its deterioration first-hand. Instead, he's found a job with a company that produces an instantiator-based MMORPG that occasionally secretes charactes into reality amid huge publicity. The simulacra never do any direct damage, but they seem to induce some sort of disruptive electrohypnotic mass hysteria. Haruki fights these creations because it's the only freelance job still available on Terra.

As Haruki's fame grows, his life becomes more artificial and surreal. He makes decisions that only make sense on a dramatic level, his friends suddenly and inexplicably become more mediagenic overnight, as if they'd been recast with new actors to please an audience -- and he's the only one who notices, and people stop talking about ordinary everyday things. Meanwhile, there are less and less of the "metavore" media construct bosses to fight each day. Haruki's savings are dwindling while his useless fame increases. There's a rising sense of apocalyptic fervor across the Earth. And Haruki's employers are beginning to consider a lunar franchise once Terran culture's been rendered too entropic to sustain a profit. Only Haruki is coming to suspect that the reason the world seems to be ending is that his bosses succeeded long ago, Earth has been converted entirely to a fiction, and the last episode is coming soon...
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